I’m Rob Wells

I Will Teach You How to Become the Master Designer of Your life!

Transform Your Mind ~ Transform Your Life

Live your dream ~ Impact the World 

Harness Your Gift & Create Millions.

Build your dream business around your purpose.

Transform Your Life & Breakthrough roadblocks.

Impact the world through your story and reach your full potential.

Helping You Achieve Success.

Are You Living Your Highest Potential & Life Full of Purpose?

Can you honestly say you’ve reached your highest potential mentally, physically and Spiritually?

Have you been able to break through roadblocks and pull the trigger on your dreams?

Don’t live someone else’s dream or with regret, design your life full of purpose. 

Here at Purposeful Purpose we focus on results. What happens when you work with Rob?

No fluff real life strategies. Shorten your path to success.

Get fully equipped with the necessary tools to build your dream.

Understand & master the meaning of life.

I've Been There

I know what it feels like to be overweight, lost, unhappy and on the edge of not wanting to live. Until I started living life with purpose, on purpose.

Dedication to Master

  • I’ve been in self-development and the Fitness industry  for over 12 years, spending thousands on books, courses, and certifications.
  • I’ve trained and transformed thousands of people all over the world.


Rob inspired me to write my first book, create courses and products, coach, and mentor people worldwide. I travel the world while living out my purpose.

Reza Barghlameno


Rob inspired me to run 366 days in a row, break-through roadblocks, take my business, marriage, and life to the next level. 

Don Jackson

Advance Sports Massage Therapy LLC

I’ve grossed over 1 million dollars in business. Having the right coach and mentor will change your life and take you to the next level. Rob Wells will make that happen.
Steven Williams

Inspired By Steven LLC

Live life with purpose on purpose.

Build Your dream life in 3 steps.

Step 1

Apply for coaching. Here’s what to expect on this call.

  • 30 mins clarity session.
  • Coaching package options.
  • Acceptance or denial of the program.
  • Rob only works with a hand full of people at a time, and everyone isn’t accepted.


Step 2

Building systems for success. 

  • When you’re accepted, we began the process of building out your vision for the future.
  • Long-lasting success happens when we take proven blueprints of success, and we implement that into your life.


Step 3

The fun part. Your purpose driven life in action.

  • We equip you with undeniable accountability, which is the missing key to success.
  • Build out the right foundation around your new habits to make them permanent.

About Rob

Rob Wells has faced tremendous adversity on his journey through life, which shaped him until 22. With no father or real father figure in the picture, abandonment issues were inevitable. With no protection around him, molestation has been a permanent imprint on his past. There was no focus on education. He never learned how to read or write, coupled with the fact that dyslexia made it more challenging. He didn’t make it past the 5th-grade level, and unfortunately, school became even more sparce in his teen years. Beyond depression and suicide attempts, he took comfort in food. He wore the shame of his past on his body. After working out for several months, Rob gained the confidence to weigh himself. Weighing in at a staggering 330 lb, his heart was literally killing him. Want to learn more?